review1-compressor “I am absolutely thrilled with my progress. I am down 10-12 pounds, I feel like a completely different person, even after just 6 weeks”
– Sarah Penkin

review1-compressor “Today I’m thankful for the amazing women at KINETIX, super strong and so uplifting to be part of the community!”
– Jen Martindale

review1-compressor “The coaches and the KINETIX Community of members have had such a positive impact on my life, and one of the areas I’ve noticed it most is how I handle stress and “life’s hidden lessons.”
– Bernadette Eichas

review1-compressor “No matter what your goals are weather its personal wellness and general fitness, or competition…. you/we are all in the right place, and the right gym…. the knowledge, guidance and support that we have at KINETIX is second to none!!!!! Stay strong and keep pushing!!!! We are on the right path and with the right people.”
– Mike Wooledge

review1-compressor “Finally found a place to help me step up to my next level of fitness. Everyone is motivating and supportive. Whenever I feel like I just can’t complete a rep there is a voice of encouragement that shouts from across the gym. I’ve never been so excited and nervous to push myself. Can’t wait to see where I go from here.”
– Xanthia (Zee) Garcia

review1-compressor “I had heard that cross training was good for all-around fitness and included aerobic, strength, and mobility components. I hadn’t done weightlifting in over 20 years and wasn’t experienced when I did. I hadn’t done much aerobic activity and had never lifted kettlebells. I was concerned that I may be too old or not in good enough shape to start training. After talking with one of the KINETIX coaches, I tried it. The workouts are scalable to any physical (or psychological) level. The coaches are knowledgeable, aware and sensitive, starting beginners at the appropriate level and coaching those in need through difficult exercises or limitations. The members are friendly and supportive. After a month and a half, I found my strength, confidence and aerobic capacity are improving.”
– Bob Wyffels

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