Sleeps-Positive-Effects-on-Your-Health-KinetixSleep can have a significant positive impact on your training and recovery, as well as your daily life. Here are some of the positive physical, mental, and emotional effects of sleep:

Physical: Immune System

Outside of the physical impact sleep has on your training and recovery, getting an adequate amount of sleep helps your immune system function better. Getting a good night’s sleep can keep your immune system functioning at an optimal level making it less likely for you to get sick.

Mental: Decision-Making Skills

The impact sleep has on your body is not just physical. Your brain also needs enough time to rest each day so that you can awaken the next day, alert and ready for whatever the day may bring. It might sound like a strong cup of coffee is all you need to wake up your brain, but over time this can harm your mental health. It becomes harder to focus in any situation. Sleep can help improve your cognitive skills and provide the clarity you need to make good decisions throughout your day.

Emotional: Stress Management

According to the National Sleep Foundation, poor sleep coupled with stress creates a vicious cycle that becomes pretty hard to break. Any time you don’t sleep well, your body responds by elevating the stress hormones in your body. A night of deep sleep can stop the production of these stress hormones. But if you continue to experience poor sleep each night, these hormones will never drop, and the cycle continues. Taking time to unplug and unwind at the end of the day will help you prepare for a good night’s sleep and experience less of a stress response the next day.

Sleep can have a positive impact on your physical, mental, and emotional health. To learn more about how the Kinetix coaching staff can support you and a healthy lifestyle, contact us today.