Group Training

Our group classes are meant to provide the best possible training in a group atmosphere, with a balanced approach to intensity. Much of the fitness world will have you believe the only way to get fit is to “push harder” “more intensity” “leave you physically exhausted after every extreme workout”…we know that is not the best way, especially for long-term health. Blindly following that trend of constant intensity can result in stagnation, loss of results and a decrease in your overall health. Our group approach is rooted in sound training principles delivered in a fun, interactive and supportive class environment.

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Personalized Training

One-on-one training in Rochester with the coach of your choice. Personal Training is the best way to make sure that each session is approached correctly and that everything you do is tailored to your needs and goals. Having a session set aside with a trainer often helps to keep you accountable and ensures that you have the guidance you need and want for each session. Personal Training is often a great place to start if you are very new to training or have been out of the game for a very long time. Personal training should serve as a starting point to get you going in the right direction on your fitness journey. As coaches, our goal is not to have you as a PT client forever. Our goal is to build your confidence, understanding of training principles and movement competency so that you are empowered to enter group classes or individualized design armed with the tools and knowledge that you need to be successful.

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Individual Design

Individual Design takes the concept of Personalized Training and makes it more accessible, more convenient and even more comprehensive. You will be aligned with one coach that works directly with you on a personal level. Your coach is responsible for guiding not only your physical training but also addressing your nutrition and lifestyle outside of the gym. Together with your coach you will set goals, come up with strategies and a plan to address those goals and track your progress along the way. Individualized Design is based on regular physical assessment, custom tailored workouts, constant feedback and communication between you and your coach and a robust focus on “the other 23 hours” (you know, those hours outside of the time spent exercising in the gym), you know those hours outside of the time spent exercising in the gym. This holistic approach emphasizes the importance of things like stress relief, sleep, hydration, nutrition, food hygiene, and all other lifestyle factors in conjunction with your physical training.


Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching


Direct, personalized, habit-based lifestyle and nutrition coaching. Melissa has a depth of knowledge and experience guiding people to their best possible health. The focus is not just about how you look, instead, there is tremendous emphasis placed on how you feel and making changes that will yield massive results throughout the rest of your life. Connect with Melissa at Be Well Blueprint today to get started with an initial consultation.



Blossom Road Business Center (Artisan Works) 565 Blossom Rd, Rochester, NY 14610. We are located in Suite E, if you continue straight ahead as you drive in the main entrance our door will be on your right just before you get to the end of the building.

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