Learning to breathe correctly and controlling your breath while you are exercising can greatly impact your workouts.

Your body needs oxygen to function. Every time you breathe you take in oxygen. The more you move, the more oxygen your body needs.

Learning to control your breath can help your body work more efficiently and provide your muscles with this needed oxygen more regularly, ultimately leading to better results during your workouts.

Proper breathing and bracing can help you lift heavier, move longer, and recover quicker.

So…what does proper breathing even mean?

Here at KiNETiX we talk a lot about Diaphragmatic breathing. Your diaphragm is the muscle located between your chest and your abdominal cavity. Breathing through your diaphragm instead of through your chest should be your ultimate goal as it allows for deeper, more oxygenated breathes and is more efficient and effective than chest breathing.

Learning to breathe through your diaphragm is not only helpful for muscular endurance, but also for strength work. As you breathe you should also be bracing through your middle.

Controlling your breath and bracing through strength training can help you lift more weight, exert more power and be less prone to injury. A tight core means more core engagement, transferring to more stability, making moving heavier loads for longer periods of time feel easier.

Controlling your breath during endurance workouts is extremely important as well. Focusing on breathing through your middle will help your exhausted muscles receive the oxygen they need to keep going for longer periods of time. Here the focus should be long, consistent breathes.

While it may seem silly to have to discuss breathing because it is something we naturally do, paying attention to your breathing during your workout can help ensure that you are working as efficiently and effectively as possible.

These techniques don’t always come naturally to people, so practicing them daily is an important thing for many people.

We practice these techniques a ton in our classes, but if you aren’t sure or you want more guidance seek out a coach and let us help!