A lot of people struggle with staying consistent with their exercise routines. Try these 3 tips to help keep you on track!

⚖ Stop viewing exercise as weight loss.

When you obsess about losing weight your body fights back. You put your body through more stress just by thinking about losing weight all of the time. When you view exercise as a way to stay healthy long term your body reacts differently and will start making the changes you want.

🏋️‍♀️ Find a workout you actually enjoy.

If you don’t like what you are doing, then you are less likely to stay consistent with it. Try different things and try not to get hung up on identifying as one thing (ie. Crossfitter, yogi, etc.) Be open to many different forms of moving your body.

📔Make it part of your to do list.

Put your workout on your calendar and schedule it in just like you would any other appointment. By prioritizing exercise you are more likely to get it done daily.